PaymentsHow payments work

Payment options: We offer several payment options to ensure fast and secure payment, when buying ibogaine online from us. Hassle free, with no extra fees or hidden charges.Paying with bitcoins is the most preferable method, but we also accept world remit money transfers, skrill payments, and contact us if you are more comfortable with another option.
Payment process and confirmation: Given the nature of our products, we consider communication with our customers prior payment.

ShippingHow Shipping works

Shipment Tracking: When your iboga type has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. It is your responsibility to follow up the instructions regarding tracking and delivery.
Shipment cost: We always advice customers to go for fast shipping when buying ibogaine online,within 3 days which is done through DHL and it cost over 95 US $. Another shipping means is via EMS which takes 2-3 weeks to deliver parcel. The shipping cost for delivery is 65 US $. Shipping price does not vary in relation to the quantity of product purchased. Each service provides a tracking number for it clients, which means the parcel is traceable and requires a signature. It also enables customers to track their parcels online

Is Buying ibogaine online legal (USA)?

When buying ibogaine online or iboga roots or Iboga TA extracts, You wonder is ibogaine legal where i live? But before we put up Ibogaine for sale or iboga for sale , we know the ins and out of iboga and know it legally crosses your border if we agree to sell Ibogaine to you and we are ready to satisfy our clients as we have done before. When you complete your order for ibogaine or iboga , It is packed in a dry plastic bag to keep it dry and thus preserving it. It is again checked for health standard requirements and repackaged by the shipping agency. It is widely known Iboga is considered illegal in some countries including the U.S.A but all our packages have safely arrived unscathed and we have never had any complaints from any customer ever.

Am i buying ibogaine online from a scammer ?

You see ibogaine for sale, iboga for sale all over the internet, But how do you know you are not dealing with a scammer while trying to buy ibogaine online?. We are the most trusted and best iboga shop online if you can see from our real users review. To be sure that you are buying ibogaine from a legit dealer , You should be able to

  1. See the ibogaine for sale or iboga for sale on a live video call to confirm that they actually have it.
  2. You should see proof of pass shipments made to customers, such as shipping receipts.
  3. They should also be able to connect you with a real review or former customer who has purchased ibogaine from the shop.
  4. Be weary of ibogaine price and iboga prices that are too good to be true for something this rare. Because it is very expensive to get and process, a very cheap price for ibogaine for sale might be a scam, you can visit our blog to learn more on ibogaine prices.

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